We want to be a trustworthy and competent contact partner for all families on Sylt. We listen to you and want to connect the citizens to the institutitions and services offered.

We are close to the families and see their needs and react to that.

We start projects, connect people and provide counselling.

We would like to work with all organisations and institutions that offer services for parents and children.

With this website we want to contribute to the visibility of all offers so parents can make use of them.
Please contact us.
We would also like to invite individuals to contribute their ideas and wishes. Maybe you would like to share your hobby with others or have an idea for an activity?
Don’t hesitate to talk to us!

Eileen Jappsen
Coordinator of Familienzentrum Sylt
Phone: 04651-922436
E-Mail: info@familienzentrum-sylt.de